House-training your puppy must start from day one. The key to successful house-training is to recognise the signs that your puppy needs to go to the toilet. Be consistent and patient.

You must never under any circumstances punish your puppy for going to the toilet in the house. Your young puppy is not able to hold on for long, as their muscles are still developing, so accidents are inevitable. If you punish your puppy for having an accident, it is usually after the event and your puppy will not understand what he is being punished for. Puppies could end up being so frightened that they may start to use their bed rather then walk across the floor, in case they are punished again.

Hungarian Vizslas are very sensitiv, so by constantly punishing them you may well lose or prevent the bond-building between you and your dog. If your puppy does have an accident, you have to clean up and move on. It is up to the owner to remain observant enough to take the puppy outside when required.

As a general rule and certainly for the first few weeks, you will need to take your puppy outside at least every hour and quite often a lot more frequently than that. When your puppy eats or drinks, take him or her outside immediately after they have finished. When the puppy wakes up from a sleep, immediately take them outside. Signs to watch out for is if your pup starts to sniff at the floor, or appears to be starting to circle around with nose to floor. These are all signs that your puppy is about to toilet.

You must always go outside with your pup – no matter what the weather – as your puppy will feel reassured to be with you and also you are there to prevent him or her from getting into trouble, such as eating or chewing something they shouldn’t, finding that one hole in the fence that you thought a mouse couldn’t possible fit through, etc.

Once outside, you should give your pup a command as soon as they start to squat. The command needs to be short and clear such as ‘toilet’, or even ‘be quick’ – a word/phrase that will become familiar to your dog, so that eventually they will know what is expected of them – from experience, this comes in very handy on a freezing cold winter’s night!

Once pup has finished, give him or her lots of praise and fuss. They will want to do the same again next time, as your pup will only ever want to please you, even if they don’t always get it correct.

We always recommend putting newspaper or puppy pads into their puppy crate at night, as your pup won’t be able to hold on for long. You must ensure that you remove the toilet area from the crate first thing in the morning. Your pup should not be using this during the daytime as it will set house training back.

Your puppy can take a few weeks, or even months to be clean all the time. It really does depend on how much time is spent with your pup and how consistent you are.