Dog Profiles

 Ayda – Dawnphoenix My Enchanted

Born – 02-02-19

 DNA TESTED: 24th August 2020

Hip score: 7/8=15 – 2nd June 2020

Elbow score:  0/0=0 – 2nd June 2020

Ayda is the Daughter of Elsa & Otis, she is true to type, a strong intelligent working dog with a beautiful  coat, Ayda is equally happy either out working or at home with the family.

Rue – Dawnphoenix Forever Brave

Born – 27-09-17

Hip Score : 4/7 = 11 – 7th February 2019

DNA TESTED: 23rd April 2019

Rue is a beautiful and very intelligent bitch which we have bred ourselves. She is the daughter of Elsa and is very much like her mother with her strong build and working ability. Rue is equally happy either out in the field or at home with the family.

Otis – Brogenslade Shades of Gold

Born – 07-09-16

Hip Score : 4/7 = 11 – 31st January 2018

DNA TESTED: 1ST April 2019

Otis is a proven stud dog and an outstanding example of the breed. He is as at home in the field at work as he is in the house on the sofa! He is a very bold, brave dog but also very loving, gentle and truly loyal – an exceptionally fine example of a young working Vizsla dog.

Otis has a beautiful coat which is deep in colour and in keeping with the Galfrid line.

Now standing at stud at the Dawnphoenix Hungarian Vizsla kennel.

PLEASE NOTE – We will only allow fully licensed breeders to use our stud dogs.

Elsa – Vonhuber Candelia

Born – 13-06-15

Hip Score : 7/5 = 12 – 26th October 2016

DNA TESTED: 1st April 2019

Elsa is a beautiful, strong bitch. She is both a working dog and family pet – very affectionate and an absolute all-rounder.